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Get Ghosted Phoenix

Founded in 2023, Get Ghosted is not just a tour agency; it's a passionate endeavor dedicated to preserving and restoring the haunted history of Phoenix. Our journey began with a shared fascination for the supernatural and a deep appreciation for the rich tapestry of stories that make Phoenix a city with a ghostly past.

Our Mission: Preserving Haunted Heritage

At Get Ghosted, we believe that the haunted history of a place is an integral part of its cultural heritage. Our mission is to preserve and restore these stories, ensuring that the tales of the past continue to captivate and mystify generations to come. Phoenix is not just a city; it's a canvas of spectral narratives waiting to be uncovered.

Immersive Experiences, Rich History

Our ghost tours in Phoenix, AZ are meticulously curated to provide immersive experiences that transport you to another realm, allowing you to witness the echoes of the past firsthand. Each tour is a journey through time, unveiling the untold stories and lingering spirits that shape Phoenix's haunted landscape.

Your Guides to the Supernatural

Our team of dedicated guides are not only storytellers but also historians, ardent about preserving the authenticity of every ghostly tale. They bring the haunted history of Phoenix to life, making each tour an unforgettable exploration into the realms of the supernatural. More than just a tour agency, Get Ghosted is a community of enthusiasts, explorers, and believers. We invite you to join us in embracing the mystique of the unknown, fostering a connection with the spectral history woven into the very fabric of Phoenix.

Embark on a journey with Get Ghosted, where every step is a venture into the enigmatic past of Phoenix. Let's uncover, preserve, and celebrate the haunted history that defines our city.

Meet the Founder, Nadine Economos

ghost tours in phoenix

Nadine, a proud Arizona native, former teacher, and local business owner discovered her passion for history and ghost-hunting tours during her journeys as an avid traveler. The intriguing combination of learning about history and diving into the supernatural fascinated her beyond measure. With Get Ghosted Phoenix, Nadine has created a tour that allows participants to experience the best of both worlds. The tour immerses individuals in the rich tapestry of Phoenix's history, providing an opportunity to communicate with spirits using professional ghost hunting equipment.

This experience offers an exhilarating opportunity to delve into the stories and mysteries that have shaped the city of Phoenix. Despite being a young city, Phoenix boasts a captivating past filled with incredible tales and enigmatic legends. As participants wander through

the historic streets of downtown Phoenix, they are transported back in time, uncovering the secrets hidden beneath the surface. From haunted buildings to eerie landmarks, each stop on the tour reveals intriguing stories and encounters with the supernatural.

Rest assured, participants won't be alone in this spine-tingling journey. As the main guide, Nadine shares her knowledge, expertise, and passion for both history and the paranormal. Her goal is to provide an engaging and immersive experience that combines education and excitement. For those with a piqued curiosity, joining Get Ghosted Phoenix promises an adventure like no other. Participants can uncover the mysteries of the city, communicate with spirits, and create lasting memories. Book a spot today for our ghost tours Phoenix and let the ghostly adventure begin!

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